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Simply email max 10 outcomes you want to achieve before you die and await another person offering to help you achieve one. In return, you do the same for someone else – offer to help them achieve one of theirs



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This is designed to be fun and for people to achieve a dream outcome they have – so always offer Hope – encouragement Help – Support and How – Specific actions to take

Use your own name on the list or a pseudonym, with your photo or an Avatar – privately we must know your name and email address and it will be verified

Once connected, agree a specific timeframe for your specific outcome, and agree how you will communicate/meet etc

We advise using the Naked Leader Formula For Guaranteed Success as a  Framework to follow – the choice of course is up to you

Treat others with respect - report anything you are uncomfortable with and we will of course remove anyone if needed

Further help is available in 'Choose Your Own Adventure' which you may wish to share with your partner